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POTS Care Package™ includes a one-of-a-kind smartphone app for your recovery journey through

Inflammatory POTS!

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What is included in the POTS Care Package?

The POTS Care Package is a dramatic departure from the current approach to POTS! The result of cutting-edge research, this package discusses the role of chronic inflammation, intracranial pressure changes, vascular damage, and vagus nerve involvement. This package includes an app with three months of audio discussion to talk you through what this means for YOU. Along with this app you will receive:

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Smartphone App

The only smartphone app for POTS recovery! Use this app while Dr. Driscoll gently guides you through her new discoveries and how they may help your case. Access audios for education, coaching, and compassionate support.

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This is the heart of the POTS Care Package™—a collection of knowledge, advice, and treatment practices informed by over 15 years of POTS research and personal experience.

Dr. Driscoll’s highly detailed and personal audios start with an introduction to Inflammatory POTS and move to education and to specific techniques.

Above all, Dr. Driscoll’s audio sessions make recovery easy. You’re encouraged to move through the audios at your own pace. Don't try to move too fast! Two sessions a week is about right.

As you respond to supplementation, you’ll be carefully introduced to lifestyle changes, from dietary recommendations to activity plans.

With Dr. Driscoll’s guidance, you can find and address your underlying conditions and mitigate your symptoms naturally.

Every step of the way, you’ll find compassionate support from someone who’s been just where you are now.

Recovery Workbook & Journal

Easily track your progress with a detailed workbook and private journal, paired to Dr. Driscoll’s audio sessions.

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It’s yours to work in, doodle in, and note everything from improvements to setbacks.

Your workbooks will help you track potential food triggers and allow you to monitor your progress as you work toward exercising again. For many people, it is a journey to achieve normal bowel movements and sleep patterns again—Dr. Driscoll will talk you through it, while your workbook will help guide your progress.

A significant aspect of recovery also includes a shift in thinking about the difficult journey you've been on. Your workbook will offer opportunities to journal those shifts as Dr. Driscoll walks with you toward recovery.

This workbook will allow you to better understand your condition, document your progress, and encourage your recovery.


Detect and manage anxiety or adrenaline surges before they happen with a wearable HRV biosensor and smartphone app.

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Rapid and unexpected increases in anxiety coupled with surges of adrenaline are common with POTS sufferers.

These will improve as your work through recovery, but keeping them under control as you do so will speed your healing journey.

POTS Care Package™ gives you tools to be successful.

Simply link your HRV biosensor to your smartphone and check your heart rate variability in the morning to monitor the balance of your autonomic nervous system.

Over time, your smartphone app will show you patterns. You’ll start to identify your triggers – activities or situations you should avoid. You'll learn when  you need extra rest, a shift in supplements or medications, or an improvement in breathing technique.

See your HRV in real-time. Improve every day.

Specialized Supplements

Naturally support the function of crucial bodily systems associated with the underlying causes of POTS.

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POTS patients often show sensitivity to traditional supplements and medication.

Dr. Driscoll’s supplements are specially formulated to work and to be gentle.

Here’s how they work:

The first function is to reduce the expression of certain inflammatory cells and stimulate production of a key neurotransmitter—to address an underlying complication of POTS.

The second function is to promote healthy digestion and energy levels, managing digestive issues and fighting chronic fatigue—to ease the debilitating symptoms of POTS.

Follow Dr. Driscoll’s audios and learn when and how to use your supplements. Should you struggle with a supplement, just set it aside and try it again later when your body has changed. Should you be unable to tolerate a supplement, don't worry! It doesn't mean you can't recover from POTS!

Choosing Your Food

Most Inflammatory POTS patients are incredibly sensitive. Learn how to locate food sensitivities while you work through recovery.

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As you improve, you may find that your sensitivities improve and foods that are currently a problem for you may be just fine down the road! 

Your workbook will help you monitor for these shifts so that you can ultimately experience a balanced diet with the fewest sensitivities possible.

For POTS patients, eating can be a guessing game. Which foods aid in recovery and which contribute to your illness?

POTS Care Package™ provides you with dietary recommendations backed by research and confirmed by experience.

Under the direction of Dr. Driscoll, you’ll learn what foods can help you and, ultimately, how to widen your food choices.

Activity & Exercise

Start slow with an exercise plan tailored for POTS patients. You can exercise anywhere, even in bed!

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When your POTS is at its worst, exercise is the last thing on your mind. In some cases, too much exercise can worsen symptoms.

That’s why POTS Care Package™ encourages you to start at your own pace and work up to activity under the instruction of Dr. Driscoll—and to do so only after addressing some underlying problems.

While it’s important to recognize that exercise alone is not a cure for POTS, the careful reintroduction of exercise can play a significant role in your recovery. You will be in charge of the type of exercise you'd like to incorporate into your life. We are here to support you, and your workbook will help you chronicle your improvements.

POTS Care Package™ keeps you active with simple, safe, healthy exercise.

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POTS Care Package™ affiliate program is designed for influencers who want to help spread the message. If that’s you, please resubmit.

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