A Life-Changing POTS Recovery Program

POTS Care Package™ is the first and only program to address the underlying causes of POTS, not just the symptoms.

It is based on the cutting edge research of Genetic Disease Investigators, revealing abnormal inflammation causing many cases of POTS. Currently only available in the United States.

What is Included in POTS Care Package?

This package includes an app with three months of audio discussion to teach you and to virtually hold your hand through the toughest times of recovery (the first 3 months). You will NOT find anything that is typically recommended for POTS patients! We do NOT recommend high salt or blood volume enhancement. We find that these can make POTS patients worse and we will explain why. 

Is traditional treatment making you worse? What can you do instead?

The POTS Care PackageTM is here to help.

Smartphone App

POTS Care Package™ includes a one-of-a-kind smartphone app for your recovery journey through Inflammatory POTS! Listen to a free audio sample from our 3 months worth of audio discussion about Inflammatory POTS:

Supplements Valued at $500

Supplements that naturally support the function of crucial bodily systems associated with the underlying causes of POTS are included.

Consult Valued at $275

The package includes a one-to-one 30-minute consult (worth $275) with Dr. Diana Driscoll, optometrist, FAAO — an expert in autonomic dysfunction and recovered POTS patient.

Recovery Workbook & Journal

Easily track your progress with a detailed workbook and private journal, paired to Dr. Driscoll’s audio sessions.


Detect and manage anxiety or adrenaline surges before they happen with a wearable HRV biosensor and smartphone app.

Choosing Your Food

Most Inflammatory POTS patients are incredibly sensitive. Learn how to locate food sensitivities while you work through recovery.

Activity & Exercise

Start slow with an exercise plan tailored for POTS patients. You can exercise anywhere, even in bed!

What is POTS Care Package?

The POTS Care Package offers a dramatic departure from the current approach to POTS! This information, based on advanced research and the experience of treating over 1,000 patients, indicates that traditional treatments may make patients worse!  Instead, this package delves into the role of chronic inflammation, intracranial pressure changes, vascular damage, and vagus nerve involvement.  Discover the primary causes of POTS, factors that might aggravate the condition, and what you can do to feel better. 

“I was misdiagnosed with chronic migraine for 5 years. Dr. Diana Driscoll is straight up my savior. She took my health and turned it around. That was such a life-changing experience for me. This has absolutely flipped my health back around and I have finally been starting to feel better again.”

Jen from Moming with Migraine POTS Patient

“You do not have to suffer with this any longer. The fact that Dr. Driscoll was familiar with all of my symptoms was so meaningful. I knew I had to have this package!”

Julie M. POTS Patient, 4 Years

“Making the decision to get the POTS Care Package was hard knowing that there would be no doctor and patient relationship. Knowing that Dr. Driscoll had been through a lot of the same things my wife has been going through is what made us take a leap of faith and take the first step in actually purchasing the package, and it has made a world of a difference for us.”

Ben F.

Is POTS Care Package™ Right for You?

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About Dr. Diana Driscoll, Optometrist

A Leader in POTS Research and Patient Advocacy

The Driscoll Approach

Diana Driscoll, OD is a recovered POTS patient and leading expert in autonomic dysfunction and POTS. Her research through Genetic Disease Investigators, revealed abnormal inflammation involving the cardiovascular system in many patients. Treating POTS by first exploring this inflammation is a dramatic departure from the traditional treatment of POTS. Now deemed The Driscoll Approach™, patients reach out to her and her team from around the world for help.

This package is one way to help more people than can come to the clinic for one-on-one care.

See Dr. Driscoll’s CV to review her research, publications, and study results. Her mission to help others with a condition that disabled her for over a decade is a personal one. She continues to push others to recognize this significant medical illness and the suffering that results. Fortunately, there are answers, help, and hope for all sufferers.

Diana Driscoll, former POTS Patient & Creator of POTS Care Package™

Dr. Diana with POTS patients

Dr. Diana Driscoll, former POTS Patient & Creator of POTS Care Package™

About Dr. Diana Driscoll

A Leader in POTS Research and Patient Advocacy

Dr. Driscoll is a recovered POTS patient and leading expert in identifying and treating the underlying medical causes of POTS. The research of Genetic Disease Investigators (established by Dr. Driscoll) has culminated in The Driscoll Approach™, a total transformation in the evaluation and treatment of POTS.

Inspired by her own experience and relationships with other POTS sufferers, Dr. Driscoll has devoted her life to the research and treatment of invisible illnesses.

Dr. Driscoll’s work and treatment practices are validated by scientifically-rigorous research methods and centered in values of compassion and empathy.