Frequently Asked Questions

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POTS Care Package is priced at $775.

This POTS Care Package is the only product designed to address Inflammatory POTS – the cause of the majority of POTS cases.

Inflammatory POTS is a cardiovascular response to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is often missed because traditional markers of (acute) inflammation do not pick this up. This inflammation can cause numerous symptoms such as flushing, gastrointestinal problems, cognitive decline, mood disorders, abnormal clotting, and when it ultimately affects the cardiovascular system – POTS can result.

It is true – every patient with POTS is different, and inflammation can come from many different conditions. But there are commonalities among patients that drive them to the same diagnosis – POTS. By beginning with these commonalities, many patients can get back on top of this condition and get back to their lives! The POTS Care Package was designed to help you through these common problems.

ne is dealing with Inflammatory POTS, some issues need to be considered immediately. One is abnormal intracranial pressure. Dr. Diana Driscoll, creator of the POTS Care Package (and former POTS patient) first released the news of a propensity for high intracranial pressure in many POTS patients almost a decade ago, yet many patients remain undiagnosed. Another consideration is the risk of vagus nerve issues due to the link between neurology and immunology. When the vagus nerve is not working well, not only does heart rate increase, but digestion can be dramatically affected as well. Chronic inflammation can also affect the vasculature, increasing the risk of clotting and circulation problems. Neurotransmitters can be affected, leading to brain fog and cognitive decline. Mood disorders, including anxiety and depression, can occur due to these medical issues, and they need to be addressed at the source of the problem. This package discusses all of these issues.

Yes! We will walk you through how the cardiovascular system may be affected, and we’ll include some carefully chosen supplements to help. There is a discussion of natural ways to address some of these issues, and some education about prescriptions if you would like to discuss these with your doctor. It is our hope that most patients will get enough help from this package that they are well on their way to recovery by the time they’ve gotten to the end of it.

The audios are designed to last approximately three months. We recommend that you listen to two per week. Don’t try to rush through them because your body likely won’t be ready for the next steps that quickly. It takes time to heal from the damage this inflammation has caused.

Absolutely! We’ve been treating post-viral POTS for seven years (and our founder, Dr. Diana Driscoll suffered with post-viral POTS). When your doctor has determined that the structure of your heart and lungs is fine (not the reason for your illness), then it is time to consider the abnormal inflammatory response from this virus.

Yes! Much like other patients with viral-induced POTS, COVID can cause an abnormal inflammatory response that continues to damage the patient. The research has been completed by others showing this inflammatory response is to blame for the abnormal cardiovascular response. One problem, however, is that the damage affects more than just the cardiovascular system. It can affect most every system of the body, and disability can result when not addressed.

Yes! That option is available. Please keep in mind that most sensitive patients are highly inflamed. These supplements will help you get on top of that, ironically, to ultimately reduce your sensitivities.

If you decide to become a patient at POTS Care after purchasing this package, 100% of the cost of the package will be applied to your visit if it is within one year of your order.

Dr. Diana Driscoll, Optometrist and creator of the POTS Care Package, is a former POTS patient who was able to recover by recognizing and addressing the underlying causes of POTS. Unsuccessful with traditional treatment for POTS, and frustrated by the lack of research and forward momentum, Dr. Driscoll set up Genetic Disease Investigators to dig deeply into POTS. Now fully recovered with answers for others, it is her life’s passion to help others find their way out of this difficult disorder.


POTS is not a disease – there is always a reason that POTS occurs. By addressing some of the most common issues occurring in patients, we can help the majority get back on top of their health. This new science concerning Inflammatory POTS is groundbreaking. We are ready to help you today.

Absolutely! Let the recovery of the creator of the POTS Care Package be your hope and inspiration. It can be a difficult journey. We are here to help and want to help as many people as possible. This condition has been misjudged, and patients have been mistreated far too long. We would like to change that – one patient at a time!