Success Stories from POTS Patients and Family Members

“Her case sounded so much like mine.”

“I have been a fan of Dr. Diana since she had her “Pretty ill” blog and YouTubes! Her case sounded so much like mine, I had to get her book. When this care package came out, I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s funny because I feel like she has been a friend for many years, yet we have never met. I highly recommend this care package!!”

Alex A.

“You do not have to suffer.”

“You do not have to suffer with this any longer. The fact that Dr. Driscoll was familiar with all of my symptoms was so meaningful. I knew I had to have this package!”

Angie F.

“I needed someone like her to understand me.”

“I feel like I have been blessed! Dr. Driscoll is the kindest, most caring person and she has been where I am so she has tremendous compassion. I needed someone like her to understand me, and to help me. Thank you, Dr. Diana!!

Stephanie H.

“We can truly begin recovery.”

“I have taken my daughter to the most renowned doctors across the United States. Dr. Driscoll is so intelligent. She blows the other doctors out of the water with her knowledge and research. I feel so blessed that we can truly begin recovery now.”

Catherine J.

POTS Care Package™ was an alternative.”

“I wasn’t in the right place to do the full POTS Care® treatment. The POTS Care Package™ was an alternative to get me started until I was ready to continue with the rest.”

Cassidy M.

Recovery is Possible

If you’ve tried traditional treatments and you’re looking for an alternative, start with us at POTS Care Package™.