Success Stories from POTS Patients and Family Members

“Our minds have been blown by the things we were never told before, and since beginning this care, we are overwhelmed by the changes in her and how well has been since starting. As you know, we have shared Willow’s journey with you and continue to do so often. We’ve seen drastic success and couldn’t be happier with her treatment.” …Willow’s Mom

Willow (aka Willow the Warrior) began to show dramatic symptoms that stumped her doctors on January 24, 2021. Her mom shares their frightening journey through the diagnosis of POTS, and ultimately into recovery. She is sharing their daughter’s recovery from “Inflammatory POTS” and how the The POTS Care Package™ can help others.

Willow’s first symptoms involved dramatic “episodes” – her mom explains:

“Many have asked what her episodes look like, here are some of the things that have happened during Willow’s episodes.
– sweating – feeling of heart racing -feeling of throat tightness – shaking – hyperventilating- saying she thinks she is dying – begging to call a doctor – feeling dizzy – near fainting – sick to stomach – extreme fatigue – legs giving out – muscle tightness – eyes feel like they are moving (but they aren’t) – hands tingle – overall weird feeling.”

These episodes are common in patients with Inflammatory POTS. (Click here to see if you have Inflammatory POTS).

“I am super excited to share that I have begun an adventure to help others get the same care & help we were able to get for Willow. It is my ultimate goal to see others get to their root issues of POTS and find healthy ways to work through & treat the underlying issues .My heart is in this full force and I want more than anything to see others get the same help we did.”

“As you know, we have shared Willow’s journey with you and continue to do so often. We’ve seen drastic success and couldn’t be happier with her treatment.
I’m excited to begin sharing about some of the amazing products & ways Willow is receiving care & recovering so well.”

“The POTS Care Package™ gave Willow (and us) the support to help manage her POTS symptoms and address her underlying issues.
POTS Care Package™ is the first and only program to address the underlying causes of POTS, not just the symptoms.
The tools provided in the POTS Care Package™ gave us a better overview of her triggers and symptoms. Our minds have been blown by the things we were never told before, and since beginning this care, we are overwhelmed by the changes in her and how well has been since starting.”

“I was misdiagnosed with chronic migraine for 5 years. Dr Diana Driscoll is straight up my savior. She took my health and turned it around. That was such a life-changing experience for me. This has absolutely flipped my health back around and I have finally been starting to feel better again.” …Jen

A lot of my problems are inflammatory. For people who are suffering with the symptoms of Inflammatory POTS – and that is the case for a lot of POTS patients – there is now a new option from POTS Care called the POTS Care Package.

The POTS Care Package is an app that you download on your phone that has a bunch of audios with all sorts of information on them. But you also get this nice package in the mail! The things you find in this package that comes with the app are going to be things that are commonalities between Inflammatory POTS patients.

The package is a 3-month program and you learn a little bit every week and you add things gradually so that it’s not too overwhelming.How do you know if you have Inflammatory POTS? Just pay attention to those screening questions on the website. What’s inside that you cannot touch is 15 years of Dr. Driscoll’s science backed research, her care, and her patient advocacy all together in one affordable package. Dr. Driscoll – I swear, she is ahead of the curve on this stuff! There aren’t a lot of people doing research on connecting POTS and inflammatory cells and hypermobility and all these things that tend to go together. There are commonalities that are there but sort of being ignored by the greater scientific community and although Dr. Driscoll’s training is a doctor of optometry, she is now one of the leading specialists on POTS and she has the only clinic that is dedicated to treating the underlying causes of POTS – not just the symptoms.

The personal touches in this package are something that make you feel so warm and loved and cared for and that is exactly what you need from your doctor when you are suffering. Dr. Driscoll is 100% virtually holding your hand – she just loves and cares for every single one of her patients.”

“Making the decision to get the POTS Care Package was hard knowing that there would be no doctor and patient relationship. Knowing that Dr. Driscoll had been through a lot of the same things my wife has been going through is what made us take a leap of faith and take the first step in actually purchasing the package, and it has made a world of a difference for us.”

Ben F.

“I needed someone like her to understand me.”

“I feel like I have been blessed! Dr. Driscoll is the kindest, most caring person and she has been where I am so she has tremendous compassion. I needed someone like her to understand me, and to help me. Thank you, Dr. Diana!!

Stephanie H.

“We can truly begin recovery.”

“I have taken my daughter to the most renowned doctors across the United States. Dr. Driscoll is so intelligent. She blows the other doctors out of the water with her knowledge and research. I feel so blessed that we can truly begin recovery now.”

Catherine J.

“You do not have to suffer.”

“You do not have to suffer with this any longer. The fact that Dr. Driscoll was familiar with all of my symptoms was so meaningful. I knew I had to have this package!”

Angie F.

“POTS Care Package™ was an alternative.”

“I wasn’t in the right place to do the full POTS Care® treatment. The POTS Care Package™ was an alternative to get me started until I was ready to continue with the rest.”

Cassidy M.

“Her case sounded so much like mine.”

“I have been a fan of Dr. Diana since she had her “Pretty ill” blog and YouTubes! Her case sounded so much like mine, I had to get her book. When this care package came out, I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s funny because I feel like she has been a friend for many years, yet we have never met. I highly recommend this care package!!”

Alex A.

“I feel so much love for you, Dr. Driscoll”

“I ordered the Pots Care Package December 12th, and have been on the four supplements for almost two weeks now. I felt relief after taking the first two capsules! Now I take three a day. Parasym is my hope and my ritual.

I feel so cared for. I feel so much love for you, Dr. Driscoll. You offer love, support, and HOPE with all capital letters! You give proof that a person can survive these frightening symptoms that are not taken seriously. I think of you often with gratitude. I find myself proclaiming out loud, ”I love her!”

Recovery is Possible

If you’ve tried traditional treatments and you’re looking for an alternative, start with us at POTS Care Package™.